Thursday, May 12, 2011

Noah's 2nd Birthday Party (the decor)

When it was time to plan Noah's second birthday party I looked and looked and looked.  I wanted to find that perfect theme that Noah would appreciate and adore.  He loves so many characters that I was afraid that he would be into something one day and out of it the next.  Of course, once I commited to a theme I wouldn't be able to change it just because Noah wasn't in love with it at that moment.  I, also, wanted somethng unique that I knew no one else would have.  I chose Barney.  Yes, Barney the big goofy purple dinosaur.  Noah adores him!  Although, over the last few months Toy Story would have been more fitting, we had a Barney party AND  It was amazing! 
We decided to have Noah a pool party at my parent's house.  I didn't want to just have Barney party decor...I NEEDED Barney to be in his swim trunks, too. 

I asked my dear friend Veronica...a whopping 3 1/2 months ago to help me design this amazing party.  I am one of those that needs to have everything perfect down to the detail.  It was very important to start working on this party so soon, because Veronica is due to have baby #3 any day now!  I just knew she would have her while I was mid party planning!
She and her husband, Albert, are both amazingly talented!
She did soooo much to help me plan this party all the way down to the colors! 
I drew inspiration from all over, but most of it came from these amazing woman at Anders Ruff.  Maureen Anders designed her son's 5th Birthday party and I just swooned when I saw it.  I wanted her party!  Bad!  BUT I wanted an original party, as well.  She had so many amazing little details, I just had to "borrow" them!

Here is a photo of the dessert table.  I loved the idea from Anders Ruff to use wrapped clothing boxes as cupcake and cake stands.  How adorable and inexpensive!

These are homemade suckers that I made for Noah's 1st birthday party, as well. Jenn Koehler gave me this cute and inexpensive idea before Noah's party last year.  So very easy to do, and the kids and grown-ups alike, love them!  Just contact me if you are interested in a "how to". 
Veronica and Albert made me these sweet little thank you flags

Beverage station.  I got these beverage dispensers from Wal-Mart and Veronica made the little buffet signs for me to add.  I just added some ribbon and voila!  If you can see in the background, V&A made stickers to adorn the cups and they made water bottle labels.  I ordered the cute yellow striped straws from Sweet Lulu.

Along with the suckers, we had chalk for the little ones to take home as a favor.  I thought it would be a good idea just in case the water was too cool to have something for them to play with.
The labels on the utensils and napkins are the same ones we used for the cups. SO stinkin' cute, right?!

My sister-in-law, Holly took the task of making the cake and cupcakes.  I was sooo happy not to have to do that this year!  My sister and I were up all night last year finishing the baked goods! 
The precious Barney cake topper was made by LC Cakes.  She does amazing work!
I framed one of the invitations to have on display on the dessert table.
In the bottom left are the little treat bags I ordered from Sweet Lulu and placed a label on each one. These were for the kiddos to fill with candy at the end of the party.  I had three sand pails with the little shovels on the table all filled with Noah's favorite candies.  All labeled...dum dums, smarties, and fun dip. 

Close up picture of some of the cupcakes.  Toppers of course by Veronica ;)
Cupcake liners from Sweet Lulu.  I was thrilled when I purchased their "Big Top Cupcake Liner Mix" because it matched the party to a T.

Veronica made 5 centerpiece circles for me.  I put them together on a dowel and placed them in sand pails around the pool area.  I added some cute little red, yellow, and blue pinwheels that I purchased from Dollar Tree.
I made various pom poms and tied them under umbrellas and swings to added some pops of our party colors.  I placed a photo of Noah for everyone to admire my precious 2 year old!

The menu was kid friendly for sure.  I had Uncrustable pb&j's, applesauce, and goldfish crackers.  I purchased a bowl, a platter, and a plastic wine glass from Wal-Mart and I made a food tower.  My hot glue gun got so much use during this party planning! 

Again, on the Anders Ruff blog, I saw cookie pops and had to have them!  My sister-in-law assured me we could make them and we did.  They turned out so adorable. (Note to time do not use a 3 inch cookie cutter to make them...they grow in the oven!)
More party posts to come...guests, presents, fun!

If anyone has any questions on where I bought anything or how to make anything or any help planning your own party, please do not hesitate to contact me  xoxo