Friday, March 4, 2011


I am always happy when Friday comes.  I get so anxious and excited to spend that extra time with Noah.  This is my little man looking all suave in his navy dress pants and his little button down shirt this morning.  I honestly cannot wait until it's time to see him this afternoon!  I usually run to the grocery store and pick up whatever we need for the weekend. ( I make sure to have all of Noah's favorite foods and snacks.  I think tonight is going to be a pizza night.  I definately don't feel like cooking after cooking all week long.  )  Then I rush home to clean and fold clothes and do whatever I can to keep from having to clean over the weekend, so it doesn't take away from my time with Noah. 

Just wanted to add a few cute and funny things Noah has started saying and/or doing lately.

When he and I are sitting on the couch or reading a book and he hears something in the other room he looks at me with big eyes and throws up his pointer finger and says," I back"  It is so funny, because I know he's telling me I'll be right back.

He, also, is say yeah a lot lately which is cute how he says it, but not quite so respectful.  So, when he says "YAH" I say "yeah, what?" and he says "ma'am ma'am"

Noah is pretty clingy to me and when I have things to accomplish I have to try to distract him from him wanting me to hold him.  So, I will say Mommy needs your help doing the dishes or mommy needs your help with the clothes.  Since I do that, he loves to offer his help and says, "I hope".  I love it!
Of course, there are things Noah says and does everyday that I think are amazing...those are just the ones that are sticking out right now.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! :)

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