Thursday, February 24, 2011

We've Been Sick

We've been sorry for the absence of blogging and reading blogs.  I tried to read them, I just couldn't get into it.  I have been at work despite how awful I have been feeling.  Noah and I have both been coughing our lungs up....and last night I heard Wesley start.  He is such a bear when he doesn't feel well.

Despite not feeling well Noah and I ventured to Bamberg Saturday to see Grams.  We had to visit Nibbles (her dog) and pick pretty flowers.  I couldn't get one of Noah holding the flower before he ripped it to shreds. oh well...
Little love with a mean face (not really, the sun is just in his eyes).  We spent the whole day outside, which was fine, because the weather was beautiful.
This is love this morning saying 'cheese'
The little emblem on his shirt is a penguin.  I walk out with his clothes this morning, because we always get dressed in the living room watching Sesame Street and say this is your penguin shirt.  Noah says, "pinmen"...."I like it."  This boy lights up my life!
I pray for all of those dealing with illnesses and sickies right now to have a speedy recovery!  And have a great rest of the work week!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V Day (yeah I know Valentine's Day is over...)

I just wanted to post a few photos of Valentine's Day.  This is my little Hunk in his "love day" shirt.
(This is the second picture I took...he is saying "me see it" about the first)

Wesley was so sweet and had a box of candy and a card for each me and Noah waiting on the counter that morning.  Since I didn't want Noah going to daycare all jacked up on candy we waited until that evening to exchange goodies.

Here is Noah with his SpongeBob Krabby Patty filled heart (he is saying Bah Bob, which is his way of saying SpongeBob). 

Noah checking his mail to see what Mommy got him for Valentine's Day...note the pinwheel he tossed aside for the card :)
Our bouquet from Noah with his little thumb prints on it.  It says, "Thumb body loves you"
His sweet heartprint he made for us.

Tonight we are going to a going away party for my sister in law and her family.  I will update with pictures tomorrow, hopefully.  happy hump day!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, I don't want to have a super duper long post.  However, I did want to share a few photos and give a weekend update. 
Noah's 'Pete the Cat' book came in...and I just watched with a big warm heart as Daddy and Noah enjoyed the book together Friday night. 

Saturday, after a long Noah and I took a long snuggly nap we went to my in laws.  Wesley's youngest sister, Ashley, and her family are moving to Washington this week.  I wanted Noah to be able to spend some time with them and their two precious little girls, Kailyn and Aubrey.

Sunday, we were so happy to have company come.  Playdate with Riley and Stacey.  We baked lots of goodies for Valentine's Day.  The boys had so much fun.  I took opportunity to get Noah's treats for class baked and made and turned it into a way to spend time with a great friend!

As you can see...Noah is very touchy and lovey. haha  Riley probably was scared, poor thing.

I made several sweets that I got from different blogs.  I made Valentine Confetti, S'more Love Bars, cupcakes, and sugar cookies.

These are the little brown bags I made for Noah's daycare class and just added in some bubbles, fun dip, fruit by the foot, and a heart straw. Precious tags from Shabby Chic Crafts  The second photo are his teacher gifts with homemade sugar cookies and some of the S'more Love Bars.  (Aww, you can see my boo in the background eating his special Valentine Breakfast from mommy)

This is my munchkin, so excited by his heart-shaped  Red Velvet Pancake!!  The boy loves pancakes and I knew when I saw that post I HAD to make him some.  I put some leftover icing from the cupcakes on it and a few mini chocolate chips  He was in heaven!

*To add to my last post of the things Noah is doing right now...I forgot to add that when we tell Noah that we love him by saying, "I love you", he responds with "me"...not as a question but I think that is his way of saying I love you, too.  I love it!  As he does more or I remember other little things I will add them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three months until Noah's 2nd Birthday

This is just a couple quick little snapshot I took of Noah before he headed off to daycare this morning.  Today, February 8, 2011 marks three months until Noah turns two years old.  For those of us who like to tell our little one's age in months....he's 21 months old today. 
I really have never been good at keeping up with every single little milestone he has passed.  I have written things down and filled in his baby book, but I wanted to be that mom that kept up with every single little detail of his life, day to day.  I ended up not being able to do that.  I have had such a busy life since Noah came into the world.  Not only because I became a mommy, but, because, I help run a business.  So...I decided today would be the day that I would sit down and blog about all the sweet and funny things Noah is doing and saying right now.  I wanted to definately try to compile these things right now before he hit the BIG TWO! :)  I have gained inspiration from other momas like this sweet moma, who are doing their best to document their sweet babe's every move.

So here goes....
At 21 months, just 3 months shy of Noah's second birthday he says just about everything he hears.  He is learning to use manners by saying "Please" and "Thank you".  He says "Bless You" when you sneeze.  He is learning the alphabet and points at the "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" wall mural above my and Wesley's bed and says "b,c,d,e,f,g".  This is a step up from the "6, 7" he use to say when he would point at it.  He love, love, loves to read and always has since we have read to him since he was a few months old.  Last week at daycare they had pajama Thursday and the kidlets got to bring books and a stuffed animal (Noah took his 'If I had Wings' book and his 'Row, Row, Row your Boat' books and his stuffed Barney).  Another child brought 'Pete the Cat: I love my white Shoes' and now that is his favorite book.  I ordered it for him, but it hasn't come in yet.  However, we watch it on You Tube.  It has a music CD that comes with it...which is perfect for Noah, cause that boy looooves to sing and dance.  When we are saying our dinner blessing or nighttime blessing he always says "amen" and if Daddy isn't paying attention he says Daddy! Listen! please.   Right now, his favorite word is "no".  Which, his Daddy and I do not like.  We follow up with an "excuse me" and he usually will say no ma'am.

Noah, absolutely loves being matter the weather.    He loves to feel like he is helping me or Wesley. He loves his shovels and pails and loves to play in the dirt.  When he's inside he likes to watch Barney (which he was saying Balley now Bahney), Sesame Street (he calls this teet), Toy Story (aka Buzz), How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey (Ginch) and many more.  He's not a couch potato but he loves his certain little shows.  His favorite toys right now are his light up sword we got from going to the James Island Co Park at Christmas, his Buzz Lightyear figurine, his talking plush Woody, and his Barney.  He has a playhouse that he got for Christmas that has a mailbox on the outside of it and I always try to put little goodies or prizes in there for him.  He loves checking his mail.
We have a car DVD player that helps his Daddy when he gets picked up from daycare everyday.  Wesley said Noah has started fighting him about getting in his carseat and the TV has been the reason he cooperates.

Noah is still very attached to me...he has kinda always been a moma's boy.  I am not complaining...I love it!  However, he has warmed up to other family members and friends, too.  He loves to talk about his GiGi (my mom) and G Daddy and Molly (he adores my parent's gigantic German Shepherd).  My parent's love to hear him call Molly (Miley).  He hasn't decided what he's going to call my sister yet.  Her name is Christina but sometimes he says Kiss Tina, Aunt Nina, or Aunt Edi (her nickname).  He can plainly say my brother's name....Nick.  He loves seeing his Grams and Grandpa (pepaw). 
My husbands family is pretty big but he loves his Memaw and Gdaddy, too.  He adores my nephew Kevin...for some reason he calls him Mark.  It's sweet, though.  He adores the daycare he goes to and comes home talking about some of the children there.  I can tell he really likes playing with Tyler and he loves to talk about Sue Sue (Susan) the owner of the daycare.  He has a few friends outside of daycare that he likes to talk about from time to time...Riley is the friend he has played with the most.  He just got to play with Riley the other Friday when Noah had to come to work with me all day.  Stacey, Riley's mom, thankfully, let Noah come play while I got some work done.  When I picked him up Riley cried and as we were leaving Noah said, "Riley kywin (crying)?"

Noah loves to eat certain foods.  He definately has a sweet tooth.  I am happy that he loves fruits and veggies.  His favorites are oranges, peaches, grapes, baked beans.  He loves rice and pasta.  He, also, like his moma, loves pizza. 
He asks for ice cream about every single I buy fat free frozen yogurt and always try to keep sprinkes on hand. 

Noah always asks for "pinkles". He loves little toy story fruit snacks and marshmellows, too.

Noah wears a 2T in his tops and 18-24 months in the bottoms.  He likes to help pick out his clothing...even his pajamas.  He loves to have bubble baths and to color with his bathtub crayons (keywans). 

There are a million other things I could write down.  Every single day Noah does not cease to amaze me.  He is such a wonderful, beautiful, smart little boy, and I thank God every day that he has blessed me to be that sweet boy's moma

Friday, February 4, 2011

Can't wait to go home to this....

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This "cracked" me up!

Just wanted to share this card I found here .  Definately added a little laughter to my drab and dreary day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekend and other stuff

So, I have no pictures to share from this weekend, sadly.  I really wasn't thinking.  We were outside almost the entire weekend and Noah loved every minute of it.  Such awesome weather that makes me long to be at Edisto Beach.
We planted almost 1,000 pine trees (with the help of some family members), took several walks with Noah in the wagon, flew a kite, and just played.  It really was a picture worthy weekend. (sad face)

On to Valentine things.  I really want Noah to have this picture that I found on etsy from this shop.  I like putting him in festive shirts to look cute at daycare or if we visit family.

I have decided on these cute printables from Shabby Chic Crafts to complete my Valentine goody bags for Noah's classmates.  I am really excited about it.  I always love planning and making cute things for his little friends.  I wish I could do it for a living!

Happy Tuesday! xx