Friday, March 21, 2008

Sweet Spuds layouts and TGIF!

So, this kit was pretty fun to work with....ummm, I had somewhat of a hard time with it, because it wasn't really my style, but I did enjoy a little bit of challenge. The layout I made of myself was like the most random layout I have ever made. I generally have a story or a purpose behind a layout and this one definately did not! I have started to evolve my scrap style a little at a time. I get a lot of inspiration from others' work. Lots of talented ladies out there!!!

The two layouts of my hubs I was pretty pleased with....mainly, because I love both of these pics of him. He looks so cute and happy! He is my sweetheart!!!!
I made this one last night of my baby sister and her boyfriend Mason. Christina rocks with the self portrait always looks like someone else took it...maybe it is those long arms she has lol!

So glad that it is Friday! Can't wait until the end of the day! Happy Easter to everyone and I hope you have a safe weekend....I am going to the beach! Hope it's warm! xoxox


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Challenge Layouts

Ok above is actually the layout I made for the Scrap Mojo challenge blog. They are all so awesome over there! I love all of the dt's layouts and I decided to give it a try. Whaddaya think? Anywoo, this months challenge was in honor of Dr. could I pass that up. Somewhere on the page, you had to have "oh the place you'll go" and and, also, a little image about some of his books (which they provided for you). So, I chose this title, because I am actually going to be making a big change here in the near future. Details will be given when it has nothing to do with my home life..for those who are wondering. It is really hard to make changes that take you from your comfort zone, but sometimes if you stop and listen to your heart, you will see that change is for the best....I am sure you all have experienced that at some point in your life.
This lo is for the Scrap Jacked challenge blog. Amy Lapi was jacked and she did a wonderful job! I love that site (even though this is my first try) b/c you can really do a lot without as much work. I mean, someone gives you a layout to copy and you do it....I can't make that light of it,though, b/c you are not suppose to copy put your own little spin on it! So I really enjoyed this a lot!

Well, other than that, I don't have too much to share. Got a haircut this weekend. Not a whole lot of difference, just a trim and some layers. However, there was a really old lady in there getting her hair set (Ms. Louise). Ms. Deb is the ladies name that cuts my hair and she is sooooo nice and funny. Well, I told Ms Deb that my hair is so long now that I can be like the girl on the Blue Lagoon and where my hair as a bra LOL I know! She laughed about it and when Ms. Louise sat down to chat with us, she told her what I said about my hair as a bra. Well, once Ms Deb trimmed my hair, it wasn't quite long enough do that anymore. I turned to Ms Louise and said, "I can't wear my hair as a bra anymore." Get this (she is like 80)...she says, "Just pull it down and tape it to your nipples." I seriously thought I was going to fall off of the chair LOL Old people can be really funny and enlightening! She is so cute, too!

So anyways, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and having a wonderful week! More lo's to share soon, cause I got my Sweet Spuds kit in yesterday!!!!!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Best Day Ever

The Best Day Ever
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So, to date this was the best day of my life. I feel sure that when we have children, that will rank up there or most likely beat this one. However, that has not occurred yet, so August 21, 2004, the day I married the love of my life, is the best day ever! This is literally the first time I have posted to a challenge. This is for Category Stories. Anybody who hasn't checked it out, should. It is pretty rewarding...I mean, even if I don't win anything, at least I feel like I accomplished something. I feel like I got my groove back.

For like the last year I have made a page here and there but let me tell you, since this weekend, I have made like 5 layouts! I am so happy! Last night is the first night I have not scrapped in the last couple of days. I had to have a break. I was seriously neglecting my husband, my pets, and my housework just to scrap LOL So I decided to take the night off.

With this layout, I used the February Kitty Robot kit. For anyone who has never heard of KItty are so in the dark...LOL j/k Really, though, go check them out on ....they are fabulous!

I also used some lovely Bam Pop goodness! Speaking of Bam Pop...I was checking out Holly Terra's blog yesterday and guess who won one of her awesome little Bam Pop homemade flowers?! That's right! I did! I was so stoked! if you haven't seen them go check her out! She is going to sign it and I am going to frame it and put it in my scrap room! Is she not the sweetest and wittiest person ever! She so makes me smile!

Also, I used a Shabby Chic Crafts tag from the lovely Veronica and her super awesome hubs. They have a shop on etsy, as well! They are doing amazing with their shop and I am so happy for them! They are super nice! Seriously, go check them out!

So I feel the need to scrap once again even though I have only had a one day break lol I might try out the scrapjacked challenge if I'm not too late. Anyways, we shall see what I come up with!

Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday...only one more day!!!!

xx, Amber

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

So I decided that I would go ahead and try to stay on top of blogging. Since I opened this account I haven't really been a good blogger. The top lo is one that I made for my sweet friend Jill. Right now the poor thing is sick, so get better soon, honey!!! We did a swap like forever ago and she made several awesome lo's for me. Well, I was a retard and uninstalled my printer and couldn't find the install software to print her pics out. So....I stole this one from her flickr account so I could make her one.
This lo is called "Click". I told my photographer after the ceremony was over that during our first kiss that it sounded like the paparazzi was after us....all I could hear was his camera going off like mad.
This last lo is my take on the OLW's word TIME. I used the lovely Kitty Robot kit, along with American Crafts and Hambly papers to create this. To embellish it I cut out a felt cloud and used Shabby Chic and Elle's tags. The title of this is "Time Stood Still". Really, for me that day time did stand still. It really was magical!

I have two, non-scrappy stories to share.

1- I work in a mechanics shop...a very, very clean shop. It really is like spotless. Well, anyways, the hubs works here too and he pointed out a little mouse to me the other day trying to build a nest out in the shop. It was soooo tiny, like the size of a quarter. Anyways, I left food for her...I know, I can't help it...I love all little creatures. Well, my boss found out about her and said he was going to get rid of her and I begged him not to kill it. He complained but as far as I know she is still alive.....Get this, it poops in the toilet!!! Not once, but twice when my boss was going to use the bathroom he called me in there and there was mouse poop all in the crazy is that!!!!???

2- My husband loves racing. He is a super big Jeff Gordon fan. Well, Sunday is race day. I care nothing about it myself. So I am in the kitchen frying french fries and I decide while that batch of fries is on I'll go shower. I went to take a shower...all the way across the house from the living room. I am in there washing when I hear this loud cursing and banging around and my first thought is that Wesley went to check on the food and burned himself or spilled the hot I jump out, soaking wet, tracking water everywhere, naked and run across the house yelling, "are you okay?" I get in the living room, where he is sitting on the couch, and say what is wrong? He said, "look at this replay, Jeff Gordon wrecked!" I was like you have got to be kidding me! I said, "you nearly gave me a heart attack over Jeff Gordan, I thought something was wrong!" These men with their sports!

On a last note...all of that complaining I did about not getting Ashley Wren's Rainbow Sushi kit...well, sistv has all of the papers back on sale. I didn't get the whole kit, but I did get the papers and labels and I am satisfied now!
Anyways, hope everyone has a good week...try to stay not sick...I am congested and sneezing argh!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

On Cloud 9

On Cloud 9
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Just wanted to share my new lo! Used the Love, Elsie Zoe line, along with some Bam Pop, and a super cute Elle's Studio tag! Hope everyone is having great weekend!