Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not much new here!

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Anyways, since the last time I posted...what do I have new to say? hmmmmm...well, I have been scrappy supply shopping like crazy. However, if any of you know me, I am one to buy, buy, buy, and not scrap with like half of it. I am ashamed to say that I have yet to use the massive amount of Love, Elsie Noel and Zoe stuff that I got right before Christmas. I have an excuse though! LOL We were moving but I still couldn't resist buying like every single piece of the lines. I also have a lot of older but sill good American Crafts supplies that I bought and haven't used. I also bought the new American Crafts thickers and the new awesome embellies they came out with.

Oh, and speaking of ordering a bunch of Love, Elsie stuff. I preordered the 4 new yummalicious lines she is coming out with. AND I preordered this months Sweet Spuds Kit. I am so looking forward getting it. I have never been fast enough to get one of these kits. I was so happy to be fast enough this month. If you haven't seen it go check them out .

I, also, got the new Simply Renee Clip it Up. I so love this. I have always been the most unorganized scrapper. I have never been able to see what I have, and I think it has kind of hurt my lo's. I seriously would make a huge mess and still feel like I haven't created anything worth of "showing off'". With this new Clip it Up I can actually see what I have and it makes me soooo happy.

Another thing I have gotten addicted to LOL is etsy. I have been buying so many journaling tags made by the wonderful Elle and and the lovely Veronica. Check them out on etsy if you can find them. Elle's Studio and vmillan. I love them. I want to buy like every single new tag they come out with .

The card on the top of this entry is a card that I intended to be a Valentine's Day for Wesley. However dot dot dot....I did not get it done in time. So this card, became a "just because" card. It looks super sloppy to me. But oh, well. Total time it took me to make it was like 5-10 minutes. Anyways, I actually had more to talk about this time. I think I took most of the time to give inventory of what I have bought recently. I guess I have told you all this b/c I have no lo's to show what I do have lol

Oh and one last word...I would just like to say how pissed I am that I didn't get Ashley Wren's Rainbow Sushi kit from Scrapinstyletv....arghhhh!

Anyways, I guess I didn't move fast enough for it.


Amber muah!


Cassandra West said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get your sushi!!! I didn't get one either! I know what you mean about buying and buying and buying!!! I have cut back so much this year!! It has been really hard because of all the new stuff that just can out but I'm trying to hold strong! Plus I've got two kits that I get (scarlet lime and studio calico) and they are getting alot of the new stuff....that is my way of getting

Talk to you soon

P.S. Thanks so much for all your comments!!! You rock!! If I haven't told you that lately!!

Holly said...

Look at you Miss Busy Blogger! ;0) I actually think that card is pretty cute! You'll love the Clip It Up. I bought one for myself about a month ago, and it's almost full. I think I need another sad is that? LOL!