Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lots of news!

Ok, so this is a layout I made a very long time ago. Well, not that long ago, but a few months ago LOL. We went the the SC Museum in Columbia and that is where this pic was taken. In the near future (I hope) I can post some other cool pics from that day. The museum is such a cool place to go every few years or so. There is so much pretty art and so much history. The pic on this lo was taken in front or a wrought iron fence that was handmade. WOW! lol

Anywoo, we have finally moved into our new place. It is a complete disaster area in most of the house. I have so many things to go through and so much that I will probably give away or try to donate. I am on the way to getting my little scrap space organized....I have been so incredibly slack with anything that has to do with scrapbook stuff....with the exception of admiring everyone else's work online. I am going to get things going and try my best to start making at least 2 layouts a week. Cross your fingers for me : )

More good news, my sister in law and her family have finally moved to SC for good YAY! I have been waiting so I could spend more time with her, her hubs, and her PRECIOUS little girl, my niece, Kailyn! I am looking forward, once we are settled, and once they are settled to hanging out and spending time with them! They were in VA before so we actually only made one trip up there, when Kailyn was born.

Ok, well maybe I didn't have as much news as I thought. LOL

I hope someone reads this, probably everyone has thought I dropped off of the face since I never blog...so thanks to all who still check to see if I am alive <3