Friday, November 16, 2007

A hundred years!

Ok, so it has been like forever since I have blogged...I am terrible at it! I have not been scrapping at all lately which kind of makes me feel down. I have to urge but not the drive! We are in the process of trying to move. I never knew what a pain it would be to establish a residence from the ground up. It will all be worth it once we are in there, I am sure. I can't wait to get my scrap room! I feel that you all will be seeing way more from me once I am all organized. Right now I have like 100 pounds of supplies stacked up in the corner and I have to scrap on the living room floor. Believe me, it isn't comfy! On a lighter note....tomorrow my mom, sister, and I are going to get pampered at a spa! Can't wait...hope you all have a good weekend!