Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is a layout I created awhile back. This is my most favorite photo of Wesley and me from our wedding reception. I used a combo of Tinkering Ink lines to create this. Also, my first time using the Heidi Swapp cards, which I love. They are huge and so fun to work with. This is one of my favorite layouts that I have ever made....believe me, it looks much better in person. I suck at taking photos of my layouts...they always look so off balanced and you can see the couch or the carpet on at least 2 corners.... I so have to practice taking better and straighter shots, because I sure can make them look so lopsided and messed up. I think the reason I love this layout so much is, for one, this is my favorite picture ever, and two because I really have received a lot of praise on this layout from all of the lovely girls at and Well, that is it for now...should have some new stuff up and posted for tomorrow. Have a good one! xoxo, Amber

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Ashley said...

I really like this layout Amber! I think that's a really sweet pic of you two.