Monday, September 17, 2007

So Very Excited!!!!

So, you see the look on my face in the middle? The left is my sister in law, Ashley (the last blog I posted "Miss Kailyn" is her little girl). The one on the left is my sister in law, Amy (the beach blog I posted is pics of her kids). Well, the point of this pic is to show the excitement and laughter in my face. That is exactly how I feel right now. I found out today that Wesley and I got approved for everything with our home. We are just waiting on the title search to come back so we can have a closing. About 90% of our stuff has been in storage for the last almost 2 years, so I am really happy to be able to be surrounded with all of my stuff and my pictures again soon. The sad part of moving is that, these past couple of years we have been living my my mother and father in law and it is going to be hard to leave them. I have gotten so use to having a live in girlfriend. Coming home everyday and being able to sit down and chat with her and spending time with her is what I will miss the most. She really is like a second mother to me, so despite the excitement of being on our own again...there is also a sadness. It is all very bittersweet. Well, this kind of went from happy to sad really quickly just by thinking about that. The good thing, though, is that we will only be about 30 minutes away, and we only work about 15 minutes away, so it isn't like we are moving hours away or anything. Just wanted to share the good news....oh yea, and another perk is that I can have a scrap room!!!!

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Jill Deiling said...

congratulations!! that is sooo exciting! I'm sure it'll be fine living away from your MIL, youll still be able to see her all the time! :) You're so lucky you get your own scrap room! im so jealous!! lol.